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I’m in a good-ass relationship yo.

Sorry to ruin the whole “woe-is-me, I’m lonely, I hate people” vibe, but things are going really well for me socially.

I’m in a relationship where we can become angry at each other over an issue in the morning, get over it during the course of the day, then calmly talk through it and reach a solution that evening. It is so good to finally have a relationship where the other person is just as logical and willing to work things out as you are.

We can be deep in an intellectually passionate discussion one moment and laughing till we can’t breathe the next.

If this relationship isn’t perfect, it is damn close and gaining fast.

Okay carry on with your complaining about your life (which probably isn’t all that bad in the grand scheme of things), I just had to write this somewhere and feel like I’m shouting it from a mountaintop.

/end of my in-love rant >_<

Dramatic Boyfriend

So I text him during the week to hang out on the weekend (this is after we hung out for a 3-day weekend) and he calls it “unattractive and a turn-off,” which basically means clingy. 

So to fix it, I stop texting for a week and somehow he thinks I don’t want to talk to him anymore. And this is after being together for over 4 months. 

Guys, guys, guys. Don’t call a girl clingy and expect her to keep acting exactly the same way she was before you said that. Unless she’s actually clingy.

The biggest plot twist though is that I’m NOT clingy!! At all. But it’s summer and I’m bored because school’s starting next month and I’m a bit of a nerd (so I want it to start right now). So I slipped up and started depending on him for my pre-semester entertainment. Only to be called clingy. Shaking. My. Head.

Taking a poll now. If someone stops communicating for a week, do you automatically think they don’t want to talk to you or that they’re just busy? I think they’re just busy. I mean, it’s only a week. I was busy all week too. Had my phone off a lot and stuff…Just had to get this off my chest.

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